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Residential Applications
Groundbreaking Service Quality, Guaranteed Peace of Mind
Discover the brilliance of German engineering brought to life through cutting-edge in-house R&D and a resolute staff of 25+ engineers and technicians.

Solengy is your one-stop-shop for integrated, smart solar solutions and for uncompromised peace of mind.

At Solengy, we are consistently putting the customer first through impressive, exclusive services like Full Extended Warranty, Full Insurance Coverage, and In-house Leasing.
Smart, Secure, and Solid Power Delivery
Experience a whole new level of energy independence with 24*7 high-quality, reliable power supply.

With smart programming that prioritizes solar and battery while seamlessly switching to grid or genset in the event of long overcast periods, Solengy has mastered the art of maximizing cost savings.
Sleekness Redefined
Solengy's smart, integrated solar solutions are more than just powerful beasts, they evoke a sense of minimalistic beauty.

A clever, integrated design combines everything into a single clean unit, eliminating the complexity and hassle of unpleasant-looking external wires and batteries!
Solutions That Don't Make You Work!
Say goodbye to interruptions and switching times, say hello to comfort!

Solengy's fully automated solutions usher in a remarkable level of convenience with a truly seamless operation.
Unbeatable Security and Safety
Experience next-level security from theft, vandalism, and even hurricanes with solidly built solar solutions.

That's not all, with Solengy, you also ensure a happy and healthy environment for your family with products that eliminate fire hazards, acid fumes, polluting gases, and even noise pollution.
Power Virtually Everything
At Solengy, we understand that energy needs go beyond just lighting.

Solengy's powerful solutions with epic capabilities can power a wide range of appliances, including even ACs and water pumps.
Lighter on the Wallet, from Day 1!
Uninterrupted, high-quality power supply and unwavering peace of mind is now a breeze with Solengy. Get your solar power solution with easy, monthly payment plans and a limited down-payment.

With immediate, noticeable reduction in expenses as compared to generators, your savings begin from day 1!
All the Perks in a Single, Fixed Monthly Fee
With Solengy, everything is covered in a one-time fee - from equipment, financing and after-sales service to extended warranty and full coverage insurance.

Experience the ultimate satisfaction of a perfectly planned budget with no surprises whatsoever.