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Industrial Application
Your Most Reliable Partner with Extraordinary Service Quality
Discover the brilliance of German engineering brought to life through cutting-edge in-house R&D and a resolute staff of 25+ engineers and technicians.

At Solengy, we reinvent solar power for industries through impeccably designed solar solutions and unbeatable after-sales service.

Besides solar, our expertise lies in consistently putting your company first through impressive, exclusive services like Full Extended Warranty, Full Insurance Coverage, and In-house Leasing.
Power Virtually Everything
At Solengy, we understand that smooth operation in any industry is synonymous with smooth operations of the entire equipment.

We have got you covered with our solar solutions that come with epic capabilities, whether it is a UPS line for servers and sensitive loads or a 3-phase line for heavy equipment such as elevators.

With a maximum solar power output of 500kWp and a total output of up to 1 MW, you are all set to power everything... and take your business to the next level.
Unbeatable Security and Safety
Experience next-level security from theft, vandalism, and even hurricanes with solidly built solar solutions.

Additionally, Solengy also ensures a safe and healthy environment in your facility with products that eliminate fire hazards, acid fumes, polluting gases, and even noise pollution.
Strikingly High Reliability, Strikingly Low Cost!
Transform your facility's operations with 24x7 high-quality power - thanks to the ability of Solengy's solar solutions to reject poor quality power from the grid or genset.

Our flawless programming prioritizes solar and battery power while using the grid and genset as backup sources in case of unfavorable weather or emergencies.
Next-level Convenience -Spectacularly Seamless Operation
Nothing is more critical in an industrial facility than uninterrupted, seamless power supply, and nothing excels like Solengy's solutions when it comes to ensuring the same.

Solengy offers fully integrated solar solutions that are connected to both the grid and existing genset, while being capable of automatically switching without interruption.
We take care of seamless power supply while you take care of more important aspects of your business.
Experience a Positive Cash-Flow from the First Month, with OPEX Model!
Uninterrupted, high-quality power supply and unwavering peace of mind is now a breeze with Solengy. Get your solar power solution with easy, monthly payment plans and a limited down-payment.

With immediate, noticeable reduction in expenses as compared to generators, your savings begin from day 1!
All the Perks in a Single, Fixed Monthly Fee
With Solengy, everything is covered in a one-time fee - from equipment, financing and after-sales service to extended warranty and full coverage insurance.

Experience the ultimate satisfaction of a perfectly planned budget with no surprises whatsoever.