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Custom Application
An Incredible Partner for Bringing Incredible Ideas to Life
Benefit from two decades of excellence, experience, and expertise - benefit from the brilliance of German engineering applied to create industry-leading cross-field technology.

Solengy's exceptional local presence, in-house R&D, and a passionate team of 25 in-house engineers promise splendid results.

With a legacy of 500 individual installations for multinational giants like Digicel and Heineken, you can never go wrong with Solengy!
A New Benchmark for Level of Service
Prepare to be amazed by a level of service that delivers far more than expected. At Solengy, we provide full project design including even the business case analysis.

Our comprehensive, turnkey project implementation takes care of everything from project management and solution production to on-site installation and remarkable after-sales service.

Choosing Solengy means choosing complete peace of mind, thanks to our in-house, all-inclusive leasing plan that includes a full extended warranty, full insurance coverage, and 24x7 monitoring with a tech hotline.
Experience a Positive Cash-Flow from the First Month, with OPEX Model!
Turning your custom project ideas into reality is now easier than you thought with Solengy leasing.

Solengy's incredible OPEX model means you don't have to worry about large upfront investments, but can enjoy large savings that start immediately.

With Solengy's easy, monthly payment plans and a limited down-payment, rely less on diesel gensets and save from the first month!
All the Perks in a Single, One Time Fee
With Solengy, everything is covered in a one-time fee - from equipment, financing and after-sales service to extended warranty and full coverage insurance.

Experience the ultimate satisfaction of a perfectly planned budget with no surprises whatsoever
Telecom Solar Charging Station
Presenting, Solengy's telecom charging stations, powered 100% with solar power and our passion for developing innovative technologies. It comes with an integrated solar street light and an impressively secure theft and vandal guard.

The charging station can power up to 200 mobile devices, and results in a fabulous increase of 25% in ARPU.
Chicken Farm Solar Power and Lighting Solution
Chicken farm owners can now experience astounding convenience with Solengy's 100% solar-powered, automatic lighting solution.

With a capacity of powering even a 10,000 chicken facility, it can increase production by a staggering 30%. That's not all, you can rest assured about the security of the system, with our signature theft/vandal guard technology.
Solar Container Bar
With our 100% solar-powered container bar, we have redefined what a bar should look like. Solengy's high-efficiency solar freezers come with a 1000-bottle capacity and are capable of increasing sales by a whopping 100%.

Our container bar solution is not just unique and profitable, it is also fully secure, thanks to the specially designed theft/vandal guard solution.
Solar Retail Cart
Solar does not have to be confined to buildings and other fixed structures, and Solengy's solar retail cart is perfect proof of that.

Furthermore, its high-efficiency solar freezers with their 100-bottle capacity have the incredible ability to increase footprint by up to 200%.